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  • Would You Surrender Your Friends’ Data for Pizza?

    Strange as it may seem, a recent study from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) suggests that students significantly shifted their attitudes toward privacy in return for free pizza. When asked if they would share email addresses of friends, the majority of students declined, but when the conversation expanded to include a pizza incentive, the results […] Read more

  • Manage Home Sales Cautiously or Risk Thousands

    The home selling season is heating up, and scammers are eager to defraud buyers and sellers once again. It’s an annual dance that puts your hard-earned funds at risk—potentially tens of thousands of dollars—so educate yourself about the possible pitfalls before you move in 2018. Closing or Wire Transfer Scams  When you apply for a […] Read more

  • 2017 Fraud and Identity Theft Numbers Reveal Trends

    The 20th edition of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Consumer Sentinel Network (CSN) Data Book gives insight into how consumers were impacted by fraud and identity theft in 2017. The Consumer Sentinel is a cyber tool and database that provides local, state, federal, and even international law enforcement groups with access to millions of consumer […] Read more

  • Were You Hit by Income Tax-Related ID Theft?

    This tax season, the post-filing waiting game has changed. Unlike a decade ago, filers are not just anticipating refund checks. They’re waiting to learn if their e-filed returns have been accepted or rejected. If yours bounces back, it could mean you’re a victim of tax identity fraud, and someone else has filed a tax return […] Read more

  • Are You Likely to Fall for a Phishing Email?

    Day in and day out, your inbox may have phishing emails mingled in with communications from friends or business associates. Perhaps the scam email appears to be from a prospective employer you’ve wanted to meet or from your bank. The phishing deluge seeks to wear us down until we click on the bait without thinking […] Read more

  • What’s on Your Wrist Could Be Leaking Sensitive Data

    Dick Tracey would be stunned by what Americans wear on their wrists today. Tracey, a vintage comic book detective, wore a fancy two-way radio watch back in the 1940s and probably never thought twice about privacy issues. But in the modern world, digital privacy is a valid concern, and you should understand how your smartwatch […] Read more

  • Don’t Lose Your Data at the Airport

    Before you travel is a good time to review your data security practices. Are you bringing your laptop? Is it password-protected and encrypted? If you’re one of the tens of thousands of travelers each year who accidentally leave their laptops behind at airport security, your abandoned data could create major headaches. Laptop Lost and Found […] Read more

  • Before You Spit, Read that DNA Kit

    One of the hot holiday gifts in 2017 was a DNA home test kit. reportedly sold 1.5 million of these items during the Black Friday weekend at a reduced $59 each. Rival 23andMe countered with their own discounts. TV ads for the simple-to-use products were everywhere. The commotion prompted US Senator Chuck Schumer to […] Read more

  • Today Is World Backup Day—Act Now to Protect Your Data

    Yes, today could actually change your life. March 31 is World Backup Day (WBD), and there are a myriad of reasons to participate in this noteworthy event. To find out why, let’s take a look at some startling data protection statistics. Sponsors of WBD want you to know the facts. Backups are still not the […] Read more

  • The Nation’s Most Misused Social Security Number Began as an Unintended Error

    Imagine having your Social Security Number (SSN) misused by 5,755 other people at one time. The income tax headaches could be enormous. Getting a job might be impossible. These are, in fact, the real numbers from a case involving a woman whose SSN was printed and distributed all across the U.S. The year was 1938. […] Read more