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  • Swipe Left on Insecure Dating Apps

    Ah, Valentine’s Day. Hearts and flowers and many individuals out there looking for love. If the current popularity of dating apps is an accurate indicator, it’s getting harder to meet your soul mate in today’s world without one of these digital matchmakers. OK Cupid. Tinder. Match. Bumble. Coffee Meets Bagel. Ditto. eHarmony. You probably know […] Read more

  • How to Avoid Income Tax Refund Theft

    The 2018 tax season has begun, so it’s time to proactively protect your income tax refund. Each tax year, fraudsters claim billions of dollars in fake tax refunds. They create huge losses for the US Treasury and significant delays in return processing for legitimate taxpayers. The more you learn about this challenge, the less likely […] Read more

  • Hit the Road, but Protect Yourself and Private Data During Your Travels

    Travel can create lasting memories, but you don’t want yours to be nightmares about identity theft. Consider taking some proactive measures to minimize your risks before you head out on your spring break adventure or that winter cruise. Don’t Leave Home with an Outdated Operating System  If you have a laptop or tablet, it’s probably […] Read more

  • Using the Right Tools Can Help You Strike Back at Phishing Emails

    Several months ago, a convincing phishing scam started popping up in inboxes across the U.S. Chuck Fordham was reaching out to share a large Dropbox file. Do you know Chuck Fordham? Neither do we, but he grabbed our attention with one of the best-crafted phishing emails we’ve seen in a long time. Such phish bait […] Read more

  • 4 Big Myths About Protecting Your Private Information in a Natural Disaster

    Whenever a disaster hits, the risk to your personally identifiable information (PII) increases dramatically. Wind, rain, or flooding can destroy vital documents. Important papers can also be swept up or blown away. The good news is that you can take steps to help lock down your PII before it goes airborne. But, don’t be fooled […] Read more

  • Where You Sleep for the Holidays Could Affect Your Data Safety

    Dorothy was right. There’s no place like home. It’s where many of us feel like our personal information is safe. So if you’re one of the many Americans who travel during the holiday season, add data security to your packing list and lock down your sensitive information. You’ll sleep easier on the road, even when […] Read more

  • Hollywood Hackers Target Schools with Threats of Violence and Ransom Demands

    It’s not often that a school district in Montana or Iowa finds itself connected to a Hollywood studio, but these entities have all become targets for an aggressive hacker group that demands ransom for stolen data. The name Dark Overlord is notorious throughout the data security world. This international hacker group has claimed credit for […] Read more

  • Help! Robocalled Again and I’m Fed Up. Is Help on the Way?

    Americans receive an estimated 2.4 billion spam robocalls each month. That’s roughly 80 million calls a day from automated computer systems, and some days it may seem like you’re the target of every one of them. The interruption of an early Sunday morning robocall, or one that falsely claims to be from a government agency, […] Read more

  • Package Pirates on Your Front Porch? You Have Options to Help Prevent Theft

    We celebrate a lot of special days in the U.S., some downright silly: National Pickle Day on November 14, National Deviled Egg Day on November 2, and National Coffee Day on September 29. While these can be fun, now we also mark a day to bring awareness to something more serious. National Package Protection Day […] Read more

  • Heading Home for The Holidays? Watch Out for Holiday Hackers.

    Lots of people travel during the holidays. Your trip could be around the world or just across town. In either case, you don’t want the headaches of lost personal data to hound you on your journey. Rental cars, airport documents, and even browsing your phone at the departure gate can present data risks you don’t […] Read more