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  • Comcast Data Leak Underscores Email Value

    The recent sale of Comcast account info underscores the value of email addresses and why you should guard yours carefully. Details of 590,000 Comcast customer accounts were discovered for sale online earlier this month. While the cable giant has emphatically stated it has not been hacked, the company did require a password reset for 200,000 […] Read more

  • Millions of Veterans at High Risk for Identity Theft

      Veterans of the Armed Forces are at higher risk of identity theft after hacker attacks on several veterans’ groups in recent years. America’s veterans face a new kind of war—one being fought on our own soil. It’s the result of several major data breaches in recent years including this year’s OPM data breach that […] Read more

  • Avoid Big Mistakes on Black Friday (Cyber Monday, Too!)

    Holiday bargains cause big lines on Black Friday but hackers are also lining up to grab your personal data for fraudulent schemes. It’s that crazy time of year again when budgets fly out the window and generosity toward loved ones reconnects us to friends and family. If you want to make sure you don’t connect […] Read more

  • Identity Theft is the #1 Cause of Data Breaches in 2015

    Stolen identity information continues to be the leading cause of additional data records compromises in 2015. The world has been rocked during the first half of 2015 by data breaches large and small. Now a report from Gemalto on worldwide data loss indicates that over half the breaches during the first six months of the […] Read more

  • Self Defense Against the Latest Wave of Data Breaches

    After the breach: how to react if you’ve been victimized by one of October’s particularly comprehensive data breaches. T-Mobile, Experian, Scottrade, E*Trade, Dow Jones, and crowd-funding site, Patreon, reported data breaches in the past few weeks. It’s been a really tough October, which is perhaps fitting as this is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and […] Read more

  • Press Release: ID Watchdog Joins Paylogix Co-Op Program

    DENVER, CO – October 22, 2015 – ID Watchdog, Inc., a leader in consumer-facing identity theft protection and resolution services, today announced that it has partnered with Paylogix, a leading technology-based provider of administrative solutions to the health and welfare industry, under the Paylogix Co-op Funding arrangement. ID Watchdog will provide rapid credit alerts, credit […] Read more

  • Breach Also Impacts

    A hack of has compromised user emails, passwords and some dates of birth as well as accounts. It’s harvest time and recipes to use that leftover zucchini are a popular search at these days. Unfortunately, the website has been hacked and login credentials for this site could be misused elsewhere. “These credentials […] Read more

  • IRS Struggles To Plug Its Own Data Leaks

    IRS efforts to remove unnecessary Social Security numbers from correspondence with taxpayers woefully inadequate Even the IRS gets audited. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) was established in 1998 to provide independent oversight of IRS activities, which includes auditing. This week, an auditor criticized the IRS for continuing to include taxpayer Social Security […] Read more

  • After The Breach – Watch for Warning Signs

      There is no ‘typical’ identity theft victim these days. Children, veterans, employee groups, church volunteers, retail shoppers, college students and retirees are just a few groups hackers have targeted in recent years.  The risks include monetary losses, mixed up medical records, job loss, faked government credentials and even a criminal record you never earned. […] Read more

  • Chip-and-PIN Cards Improve Credit Card Security

    New chip-and-PIN cards will prevent hackers from using counterfeit cards in stores but could boost online theft. Today, many credit cards are being updated with improved security measures. These cards feature a shiny gold or silver device visible on the front, resembling a mini circuit board. These chips are the latest weapons in a nationwide […] Read more