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  • Romance Scams Break Hearts and Bank Accounts: A Valentine’s Day Tutorial

    The internet is the most popular way people meet their spouse these days. Nearly 20 percent of brides surveyed met their partner through online dating or social media, which outranks meeting through friends (17 percent), college (15 percent), or work (12 percent). But there is a potential dark side to making an online love connection—falling […] Read more

  • Online Hoax Survival Guide

    It’s not a Halloween scare and, no, Facebook is not planning to make all your past posts public. This bogus claim is the latest online hoax making the rounds this week. Some are funny, but many of these false statements are far from benign. “With this statement, I give notice to Facebook it is strictly […] Read more

  • Stop. Think. Connect—The Formula For Online Security

    It’s time to fall into stronger identity protection habits. October is National Cyber Awareness Month. It’s also the seventh year for the Stop. Think. Connect. campaign—a comprehensive online security awareness program championed by ID Watchdog plus hundreds of other data security organizations worldwide. The concept is simple. Before you connect online, stop and reflect on your […] Read more

  • Mark Zuckerberg Hacked. Are You Next?

    As researchers sift through the mass of passwords publicly disclosed in the LinkedIn and MySpace hacks announced last month, hackers have been busy too. Now one well-known name has bubbled to the top of the victim list and data security experts are taking him to task for poor security practices. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter […] Read more

  • MySpace, Tumblr, and Why Not All Breaches Make The News

    Move over, LinkedIn data breach. MySpace just smashed your brief reign as the largest (known) data breach in history. MySpace will force a password reset for 360 Million users as a result of disclosure from, a data-tracking site. The size of the breach – over 360 Million users – toppled LinkedIn’s notification to 167 […] Read more

  • Lessons Learned, Big Changes Coming as LinkedIn Breach Adds 160 Million Victims

    The biggest headache for data security bloggers is usually the challenge of determining the size of a data breach. Hacked companies will often go to great lengths to disguise these indicators or steadfastly deny requests for real statistics, but eventually, the actual numbers usually rise to the surface. Few bring quite the surprise that an […] Read more

  • How Identity Thieves Target Dating Services

    When it’s time to begin a dating relationship, you never put your worst foot forward. You might even ‘enhance’ your image with a little hair dye or heels that add a bit of stature. The same is true for online dating. That photo you posted is a few years old, right? According to identity theft […] Read more

  • Safer Internet Day 2016

    “Treat your password like your toothbrush; don’t share it with anybody.” That’s just one of the messages behind today’s Safer Internet Day (SID), an annual reminder of the internet’s darker side and ways to make the internet safer for all. Everyone (except a hacker) wants the internet to be safe, positive and effective, yet the […] Read more

  • Sweetheart Time: A Time For Caution

    This is definitely the time of year when many individuals long to be half a couple. But before you sign onto an online dating site, consider what information you’re sharing, how it will be used and where it could end up. Hacks to dating sites happen. In 2013, Cupid Media (not to be confused with […] Read more

  • Mistakes On Social Media Bring Major Consequences

    Social media connects most of us to the world, but it can create major headaches when misused.   There are small goofs and then there are major blunders – the sort that change lives forever. Social media has seen them all. The risks are significant and the solutions are not simple. What happens in Vegas […] Read more