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  • Frontier Airline’s Grizwald the Bear Can’t Comfort Employees After Data Loss

    Grizwald the Bear has his work cut out for him if he wants to boost morale at company headquarters. Frontier Airlines recently notified all headquarters employees of a serious data breach created by one of their co-workers. It’s a far-too-typical story in the workplace these days: a worker views or steals personal information then shares […] Read more

  • Celebrities Risk Losing Face After Plastic Surgery Clinic Photo, Data Theft

    We’ve stressed the risk of medical records data breaches before, but a new breach could be the most memorable and damaging in recent history. Dr. Zain Kadri’s private plastic surgery clinic on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills experienced a data breach that included the loss of 15,000 customer records along with “before and after” photos. […] Read more

  • How to Handle a Breach Notice the Right Way

      Effective Sept. 21, 2018, security freezes and fraud alerts will change under a new federal law. Placing, temporarily lifting and removing security freezes is now free for consumers, and initial fraud alerts increased from 90 days to one year. For more information, please click here. Panic is not the right way to respond to […] Read more

  • Why You Need to Protect Your Data When Traveling

    “You can check out any time you like, but you(r credit card) can never leave.” You won’t be alone if you hear that haunting Eagles tune, Hotel California, while you’re on the road this summer. Hotels and travelers alike are under siege across the globe as hackers continue compromising hotel point of sale (PoS) payment […] Read more

  • Schools Not Reporting Data Breaches?

    Forty-eight US states have laws on data breach reporting, but few specifically address the issue of reporting data loss for children. Last month, the Missouri state legislature considered a bill that would require schools to inform breach victims of any data loss…even victims under the age of 18. Most Missouri parents might be stunned to learn that […] Read more

  • Hackers Grab W-2 Forms, Sell to Identity Thieves

    The list of companies reporting stolen W-2 forms is growing as hackers kick up their phishing schemes for the current income tax filing season. For employees, the challenge is determining if that new email in your inbox is really from the CEO. How you respond could put your entire workforce at risk for identity theft. […] Read more

  • Yahoo Support Scams Multiply

    Do you long for the good old days when you could chat with a support person on the phone to resolve problems? Well, scammers hope so because they’re busy publishing bogus tech support numbers that offer assistance with last year’s biggest tech headache—Yahoo. Every one of these numbers is fake. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) […] Read more

  • Huge Hack of Student Emails Uncovered

    From a desk thousands of miles away, a Phoenix, AZ man allegedly tried to compromise thousands of university student accounts. He succeeded at several East Coast institutions. For students involved, this theft of their data could create new, unfamiliar risks and some sleepless nights. Jonathan Powell was taken into custody November 2 and charged with […] Read more

  • Another Massive Breach Hits Adult Network

    As we predicted, the massive MySpace breach of over 359 Million user files did not retain its “Top Of The Breached” crown for long. LeakedSource this week reported receiving evidence of a FriendFinder Networks data breach topping 412 Million user records. That makes it one of the largest documented breach in recording history. That’s bad […] Read more

  • Lessons Learned From Election Cycle

    Today is Election Day. Won’t you be relieved to see an end to all those negative ads? Win or lose, both candidates and the rest of us should remember one key lesson from the election—even IT folks can be fooled by a phishing email. As the campaign chugged along in late October, a new batch […] Read more

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