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  • Looking Ahead to New Security Challenges in 2018

    If you’re on the alert for a batch of new data security threats to hit in 2018, check your rearview mirror instead. Many of the “big hits” from 2017 will generate another run at stealing your data this year. After all, why should hackers change their approach if it’s working? A look at the money […] Read more

  • Using the Right Tools Can Help You Strike Back at Phishing Emails

    Several months ago, a convincing phishing scam started popping up in inboxes across the U.S. Chuck Fordham was reaching out to share a large Dropbox file. Do you know Chuck Fordham? Neither do we, but he grabbed our attention with one of the best-crafted phishing emails we’ve seen in a long time. Such phish bait […] Read more

  • Help! Robocalled Again and I’m Fed Up. Is Help on the Way?

    Americans receive an estimated 2.4 billion spam robocalls each month. That’s roughly 80 million calls a day from automated computer systems, and some days it may seem like you’re the target of every one of them. The interruption of an early Sunday morning robocall, or one that falsely claims to be from a government agency, […] Read more

  • After the Eye of the Storm Passes, a New Disaster Could Hit Hurricane Victims

    There’s no way to avoid the tsunami of disaster relief scams coming in the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. One could be in your inbox right now. Deeply offensive but predictable, thieves are eager to capitalize on the desire of many Americans to assist natural disaster victims. Thieves have crawled out of the woodwork […] Read more

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