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  • College Students, Be Aware of Scams Directed at You

    Life on your own as a college student can be fun and exhilarating. However, you may also be faced with new challenges and responsibilities. It’s important to be aware that some scammers may try to take advantage of your inexperience and attempt to steal your identity or your cash.  Job Scams The Federal Bureau of […] Read more

  • Military Members Combat Higher Risk of Identity Theft

    May is the season for spring flowers, graduations, and honoring those who serve our nation. As Military Appreciation Month, it embraces many things. It’s a time to remember the end of World War II and honor military families for their sacrifices. It culminates with the observation of Memorial Day to pay homage to those who […] Read more

  • Manage Home Sales Cautiously or Risk Thousands

    The home selling season is heating up, and scammers are eager to defraud buyers and sellers once again. It’s an annual dance that puts your hard-earned funds at risk—potentially tens of thousands of dollars—so educate yourself about the possible pitfalls before you move in 2018. Closing or Wire Transfer Scams  When you apply for a […] Read more

  • 2017 Fraud and Identity Theft Numbers Reveal Trends

    The 20th edition of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Consumer Sentinel Network (CSN) Data Book gives insight into how consumers were impacted by fraud and identity theft in 2017. The Consumer Sentinel is a cyber tool and database that provides local, state, federal, and even international law enforcement groups with access to millions of consumer […] Read more

  • Are You Likely to Fall for a Phishing Email?

    Day in and day out, your inbox may have phishing emails mingled in with communications from friends or business associates. Perhaps the scam email appears to be from a prospective employer you’ve wanted to meet or from your bank. The phishing deluge seeks to wear us down until we click on the bait without thinking […] Read more

  • Could You Unwittingly Become a Prince’s Mule?

    News out of Slidell, Louisiana has the Internet buzzing with tales of Nigerian Princes. In late 2017, police in Slidell arrested an area resident in connection with an email scam that funneled cash to Nigeria. The Advance Fee Scams Data security experts will recognize the connection between Nigeria and the proliferation of advance fee scams. […] Read more

  • “Operation Tech Trap” Shutting Down Pop-up Scammers

    The pop-up display is bright red and eye-grabbing. It warns that your computer is infected with malware and your data is at risk. You’re prompted to immediately dial a provided number to reach Apple® or Microsoft® Windows support. You call the number in a panic and find yourself subjected to high-pressure tactics to pay hundreds […] Read more

  • Scammed by Thieves? You Could Be Due a Refund

    Phone scams hit millions of Americans annually. While groups like the American Association of Retired People, better known as AARP, often warn its members about phone scams, every age group is at risk when a caller is trying to reach into your wallet. A survey conducted by Truecaller, a developer of a spam-blocking app, reported […] Read more

  • Looking Ahead to New Security Challenges in 2018

    If you’re on the alert for a batch of new data security threats to hit in 2018, check your rearview mirror instead. Many of the “big hits” from 2017 will generate another run at stealing your data this year. After all, why should hackers change their approach if it’s working? A look at the money […] Read more

  • Using the Right Tools Can Help You Strike Back at Phishing Emails

    Several months ago, a convincing phishing scam started popping up in inboxes across the U.S. Chuck Fordham was reaching out to share a large Dropbox file. Do you know Chuck Fordham? Neither do we, but he grabbed our attention with one of the best-crafted phishing emails we’ve seen in a long time. Such phish bait […] Read more

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