Digital Privacy

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  • Why You Need to Talk With Your Kids About Avoiding Inappropriate Content, Cyberbullying, and Online Predators

    The internet is an incredible resource for children to learn, communicate with family and friends, and entertain themselves while you’re busy tackling the latest work emergency. But it can also expose children to both virtual and real-world dangers. While children are gaming, chatting, or surfing the internet, they can stumble onto inappropriate content and images, […] Read more

  • Buying a New Car? Don’t Forget to Delete Personal Data from Your Old One

    Cars used to be utilitarian—they took a driver from one place to another with just a few luxuries like a radio or CD player. But today’s cars are like computers on wheels, and your car may be storing more information about you than you think. So before you head to the dealership and trade in […] Read more

  • Bots Can Guess Your Password at the Rate of Billions of Guesses per Second. Are Your Accounts Secure?

    If you get a notice that your information has been compromised, you may picture a lone hacker sitting in the dark trying to break into your accounts one by one. But that’s far from reality. Some of today’s tech-savvy hackers buy large databases of stolen data and use high-speed bots to “guess” passwords and crack […] Read more

  • Advice from the Folks at World Backup Day: Don’t Be an April Fool

    The founders of World Backup Day chose the date March 31 to drive home the message that you should backup your devices before it’s too late–and then you become the April fool. Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late  How many times have you told yourself, “I’ve got to back up my device before I lose […] Read more

  • Today is Safer Internet Day—9 Internet Safety Tips for Children and Parents

    Kids age seven and younger spend on average two hours and 19 minutes per day on screen media, and that number rises to about four and a half hours for kids ages eight 8 to 18. Are you comfortable with what your children are watching, what information they are sharing, and who they are communicating […] Read more

  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Identity Theft by a Spouse or Family Member

    When you think about who might commit identity theft, a nameless, faceless cybercriminal may come to mind, but that isn’t always the case. In recognition of Data Privacy Day January 28, let’s take a deeper look at a type of identity theft that isn’t often discussed—identity theft by a spouse or family member. When Your […] Read more

  • Would You Surrender Your Friends’ Data for Pizza?

    Strange as it may seem, a recent study from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) suggests that students significantly shifted their attitudes toward privacy in return for free pizza. When asked if they would share email addresses of friends, the majority of students declined, but when the conversation expanded to include a pizza incentive, the results […] Read more

  • What’s on Your Wrist Could Be Leaking Sensitive Data

    Dick Tracey would be stunned by what Americans wear on their wrists today. Tracey, a vintage comic book detective, wore a fancy two-way radio watch back in the 1940s and probably never thought twice about privacy issues. But in the modern world, digital privacy is a valid concern, and you should understand how your smartwatch […] Read more

  • Before You Spit, Read that DNA Kit

    One of the hot holiday gifts in 2017 was a DNA home test kit. reportedly sold 1.5 million of these items during the Black Friday weekend at a reduced $59 each. Rival 23andMe countered with their own discounts. TV ads for the simple-to-use products were everywhere. The commotion prompted US Senator Chuck Schumer to […] Read more

  • Today Is World Backup Day—Act Now to Protect Your Data

    Yes, today could actually change your life. March 31 is World Backup Day (WBD), and there are a myriad of reasons to participate in this noteworthy event. To find out why, let’s take a look at some startling data protection statistics. Sponsors of WBD want you to know the facts. Backups are still not the […] Read more