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  • Swipe Left on Insecure Dating Apps

    Ah, Valentine’s Day. Hearts and flowers and many individuals out there looking for love. If the current popularity of dating apps is an accurate indicator, it’s getting harder to meet your soul mate in today’s world without one of these digital matchmakers. OK Cupid. Tinder. Match. Bumble. Coffee Meets Bagel. Ditto. eHarmony. You probably know […] Read more

  • Where You Sleep for the Holidays Could Affect Your Data Safety

    Dorothy was right. There’s no place like home. It’s where many of us feel like our personal information is safe. So if you’re one of the many Americans who travel during the holiday season, add data security to your packing list and lock down your sensitive information. You’ll sleep easier on the road, even when […] Read more

  • Hollywood Hackers Target Schools with Threats of Violence and Ransom Demands

    It’s not often that a school district in Montana or Iowa finds itself connected to a Hollywood studio, but these entities have all become targets for an aggressive hacker group that demands ransom for stolen data. The name Dark Overlord is notorious throughout the data security world. This international hacker group has claimed credit for […] Read more

  • Heading Home for The Holidays? Watch Out for Holiday Hackers.

    Lots of people travel during the holidays. Your trip could be around the world or just across town. In either case, you don’t want the headaches of lost personal data to hound you on your journey. Rental cars, airport documents, and even browsing your phone at the departure gate can present data risks you don’t […] Read more

  • The Future of Identity Verification: How Concerned Should You Be About Biometrics?

    Apple iPhone users will soon be face-to-face with the future of identity verification. Apple’s new iPhone X will allow users to unlock their phones just by looking at the screen. The company’s new identity system, called Face ID, is an unlock protocol designed to replace Touch ID, Apple’s fingerprint-based system. If successful, iPhone X will […] Read more

  • The FBI Worries About Your Kid’s Toys. Are the Risks Overblown?

    Strange, but true. U.S. parents can now take some advice from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) along with them when they shop for new kids’ toys. The agency, which handles many cyber security issues nationwide, just issued a warning about interconnected toys that parents should read and heed. The Risks of Smart Toys “Toys […] Read more

  • Your New Car Is Spying on You. Can You Lock Down Your Privacy in the Age of Connected Vehicles?

    The future just pulled up in your driveway. Your new connected vehicle may be able to alert you to potholes in the road, point out traffic jams ahead, auto brake to avoid a crash, or even send weather data to a recording agency whenever you activate your windshield wipers. Features like remote start and the […] Read more

  • Who Is Watching You and Do You Care?

    Hungry for a slice of pizza? Think twice about frowning as you linger in line. A recent breakdown of a facial recognition system at an Oslo, Norway eatery gives a rare glimpse into ways businesses are using biometric technology to analyze customers. What they’re tracking may surprise you. Peppe’s Pizza in Oslo was using a […] Read more

  • Define Privacy to Secure It

    The concept of privacy has different meanings. For a teen, it can mean, “Get out of my room.” For an adult, it can mean, “I need to see your Facebook to know you’re safe.” For each individual, privacy can be an elusive, changeable concept but there are two things to agree on: privacy is important, […] Read more

  • The Latest Android Attacks

    Google’s Android operating system outranks Apple’s iPhone by a huge percentage, and hackers feel that targeting Android will yield the most results. Several new exploits aimed at Android systems show just how pervasive the problem has become and why every Android fan needs to be vigilant. 2 Million Download Malware! In late April, researchers at […] Read more

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