Award-Winning Identity Protection Services

ID Watchdog provides award-winning identity theft protection and resolution services to the employee benefits marketplace. Our mission is to help give customers greater peace of mind by helping them better protect their personal and financial information against identity theft. We hold eight industry awards for identity monitoring, credit monitoring alerts, identity resolution assistance services, and benefits education and communication.

ID Watchdog Inc. was founded in 2005 in Denver, Colorado with the vision of being the country’s leading identity theft protection services provider. After two years of development in consultation with leaders from law enforcement, judicial representatives, banking, credit, and information privacy, ID Watchdog released its first platform in late 2007. Since that time, ID Watchdog has continued to develop its product offerings maintaining a platform that services individuals, employee benefits and insurance partners, and private healthcare exchanges. In 2017, ID Watchdog was acquired by Equifax®, a global information solutions company.

For more information, please visit www.IDWatchdog.com, email info@idwatchdog.com, or call 800.970.5182.

ID Watchdog is a trademark of ID Watchdog, Inc., and EQUIFAX is a registered trademark of Equifax Inc.