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  • Millions of Veterans at High Risk for Identity Theft

      Veterans of the Armed Forces are at higher risk of identity theft after hacker attacks on several veterans’ groups in recent years. America’s veterans face a new kind of war—one being fought on our own soil. It’s the result of several major data breaches in recent years including this year’s OPM data breach that […] Read more

  • Self Defense Against the Latest Wave of Data Breaches

    After the breach: how to react if you’ve been victimized by one of October’s particularly comprehensive data breaches. T-Mobile, Experian, Scottrade, E*Trade, Dow Jones, and crowd-funding site, Patreon, reported data breaches in the past few weeks. It’s been a really tough October, which is perhaps fitting as this is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and […] Read more

  • After The Breach – Watch for Warning Signs

      There is no ‘typical’ identity theft victim these days. Children, veterans, employee groups, church volunteers, retail shoppers, college students and retirees are just a few groups hackers have targeted in recent years.  The risks include monetary losses, mixed up medical records, job loss, faked government credentials and even a criminal record you never earned. […] Read more

  • October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

      National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) is observed each October since its inception in 2004 and is sponsored by the National Cyber Security Division (NCSD) within the Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA).  National Cyber Security Awareness Month encourages vigilance and protection by all computer users. We now live in […] Read more

  • Two-Factor Authorization (2FA) Could Drastically Cut Identity Theft and Financial Losses

    In this hack-a-day world, passwords are still the top target for data thieves. Want to reduce your own risk of attack? A tool called two-factor authorization, or 2FA, offers a way to create a second roadblock between your data and that identity thief.  More and more companies are taking the steps to implement this security […] Read more

  • Hackers Getting Less Money For Your Personal Data

    The price of your stolen personal data won’t earn hackers as much as it has in the past, but your damages will still be expensive. There’s apparently too much personal data for sale on the Dark Net — that hard-to-reach corner of the Internet where hackers sell and trade stolen information. According to a new […] Read more

  • Around The World in 80 Seconds?

    A new study documents how data travels and how quickly hackers share information around the globe. Ever wondered where your data goes after it’s stolen? Here’s the startling information one company uncovered. Imagine how rapidly you can connect to a website in India from the comfort of your own home. Have you ever wondered how fast your […] Read more

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