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  • Is Your Sports Team Spying On You?

    Be honest. What would you do to support your favorite sports team? What wouldn’t you do? Or wear? Some fans go overboard in an insatiable quest for the latest statistics and news. They watch games on the go and download apps from their teams. But one Golden State Warriors fan has declared war on her […] Read more

  • Pokémon GO Brings Fake Android Apps, User Spam

    Pokémon GO is less than two months old, but already, it has spawned fake websites, bogus reward offers, and spam. Lots and lots of spam, evidently. reported in August that North American users had been swamped with SMS messages urging them to click on a link to pokemonpromos[.]xxx. The messages were designed to appeal […] Read more

  • 2FA Protects Some Steam(ed) Gamers

    Gamers have always been hacking targets, but in the past ten days, a wave of new attacks has surfaced. The list includes Steam, Minecraft Pocket Edition, and Epic Games forums. Data on millions of gamers has been compromised. Some players have been asked to reset their passwords, too. Now, you can fight back with a […] Read more

  • Point of Sale Breach Hits Oracle/MICROS Payment Systems

    There’s always a risk of credit card hacking—even if the card never leaves your hand and the company where you shop is highly reputable. Hackers can load malware into payment systems that seek to capture card numbers and other data. It appears an unnamed group has successfully compromised MICROS point of sale (PoS) transaction systems […] Read more

  • Parents Should Limit Student Data Shared

    It’s back-to-school time. Parents are ready to rejoice, but first they’ll have to wade through a pile of papers during student registration. Look closely at the questions and challenge some of those requests to boost your child’s odds of avoiding identity theft this season. Schools are notoriously sloppy with data security; each year, we read […] Read more

  • Insurance ID Card Maker Breach Hits Blue Cross/Blue Shield

    The number of health insurance customers hit by a new data breach is adding up quickly. At the center of this new attack on healthcare data is Newkirk Products Inc., an Albany, NY company that manufactures ID cards for large insurance providers including several BlueCross/BlueShield groups. The breach first occurred on May 21, 2016, when […] Read more

  • Will Yahoo Fall Victim to the Next MegaBreach?

    Yahoo was tipped to a possible data breach this week after a hacker named ‘Peace’ listed 200 million Yahoo user name and password combinations for sale on the dark web. While the company has confirmed it’s investigating, what should Yahoo users be doing? At this point, proactive measures can’t hurt and sitting around waiting for […] Read more

  • Ransomware Surge Worse Than Forecast

    In the closing days of 2015, numerous data security experts forecast huge growth in ransomware attacks in the New Year. 2016 has barely passed the halfway point, but the number of schemes that encrypt computing devices then offer to ‘sell’ the decryption key has already surpassed predictions. Ransomware infections are off the charts as creators […] Read more

  • Companies Can’t Detect Most Data Breaches

    It’s natural to think that a company that loses your data will let you know. There’s just one major sticking point—the firm has to detect the breach first. A recent study indicates that detection is still elusive even when the company’s core assets are at stake. According to a new study by the Ponemon Institute, […] Read more

  • Glassdoor Data Breach Hits Users is a website that seeks to match workers with job openings. It also gives employees a chance to provide anonymous company reviews. On Friday, however, the company inadvertently shared their users’ emails with other enrollees when they sent an update of the company’s terms of use. The result was an instant data leak. While […] Read more

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