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  • Travelers Beware: Your Data is at Risk

    “Attention. Attention. Your flight has been delayed for three hours.” The first thing most travelers do, when faced with such an announcement, is reach for their smartphone, then grab the charging cord. Wait! That available electronics outlet could be compromised and plugging in could start data flowing into or out of your phone without your […] Read more

  • Why You Need to Protect Your Data When Traveling

    “You can check out any time you like, but you(r credit card) can never leave.” You won’t be alone if you hear that haunting Eagles tune, Hotel California, while you’re on the road this summer. Hotels and travelers alike are under siege across the globe as hackers continue compromising hotel point of sale (PoS) payment […] Read more

  • Who Is Watching You and Do You Care?

    Hungry for a slice of pizza? Think twice about frowning as you linger in line. A recent breakdown of a facial recognition system at an Oslo, Norway eatery gives a rare glimpse into ways businesses are using biometric technology to analyze customers. What they’re tracking may surprise you. Peppe’s Pizza in Oslo was using a […] Read more

  • WannaCry Ransomware Can Be Stopped, But Don’t Delay

    The globe is roiling with reports of WannaCry malware locking down PCs and demanding money for access return. Cases of this fast-moving attack have now been documented in over 100 countries. Here’s what we know so far: Over 20 different hospitals in the U.K. were hit by the ransomware late last week, shutting down access […] Read more

  • Define Privacy to Secure It

    The concept of privacy has different meanings. For a teen, it can mean, “Get out of my room.” For an adult, it can mean, “I need to see your Facebook to know you’re safe.” For each individual, privacy can be an elusive, changeable concept but there are two things to agree on: privacy is important, […] Read more

  • The Latest Android Attacks

    Google’s Android operating system outranks Apple’s iPhone by a huge percentage, and hackers feel that targeting Android will yield the most results. Several new exploits aimed at Android systems show just how pervasive the problem has become and why every Android fan needs to be vigilant. 2 Million Download Malware! In late April, researchers at […] Read more

  • Don’t Take the Bait! How to Avoid Being Hooked by a Phishing Attack

    The Google Docs phishing attack is being talked about all over the internet and on network news. Read the full story here. The good news is less than 0.1 percent of Gmail users were affected by the attack, and Goggle stopped the attack within one hour. Of course, with over 1 billion Gmail users even […] Read more

  • Is Your Android Phone at Risk?

    Android mobile devices still rule the consumer market. Current estimates show Android with close to 90 percent market share—a fact that’s not lost on hackers. That’s why Android remains the top target for mobile fraud. Improved Security A 2016 IBM report acknowledged that Google is finally making some progress in the area of Android security. […] Read more

  • Five Ways to Protect Your Child’s Identity

    Don’t make the mistake of treating your kid’s personal information any less seriously than you’d treat your own. Your child’s identity is a high-value theft target, and you should take steps to secure it: 1. Freeze That File A growing number of states now allow parents to create a credit report in their children’s names […] Read more

  • Schools Not Reporting Data Breaches?

    Forty-eight US states have laws on data breach reporting, but few specifically address the issue of reporting data loss for children. Last month, the Missouri state legislature considered a bill that would require schools to inform breach victims of any data loss…even victims under the age of 18. Most Missouri parents might be stunned to learn that […] Read more