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  • New Grads: Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to Data Risks with Job Search

    The road to a successful career after college is littered with land mines that can snag an unsuspecting graduate. Job applications, payroll firm data leaks, phishing emails, and other unsuspected data sources can spread your personally identifiable information (PII) well beyond your ability to control it. Applications Ask It All When was the last time […] Read more

  • Don’t Laugh at Social Security’s New Plan to Guard Personal Data

    Two-factor authentication or two-step authentication is slowly gaining traction in many online systems. Nowhere is such a boost more needed than with the Social Security Administration (SSA) which guards your Social Security number (SSN) and your wage data. Second Time’s the Charm? It’s not the first time that SSA has attempted to add layers of […] Read more

  • Celebrities Risk Losing Face After Plastic Surgery Clinic Photo, Data Theft

    We’ve stressed the risk of medical records data breaches before, but a new breach could be the most memorable and damaging in recent history. Dr. Zain Kadri’s private plastic surgery clinic on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills experienced a data breach that included the loss of 15,000 customer records along with “before and after” photos. […] Read more

  • Free WannaCry Ransomware Key

    The WannaCry ransomware that swept the globe on May 12 has slowed down its infection rate considerably in the last two weeks, but thousands of computers have been locked up by the malware. New variations of WannaCry may be in the works, too. If yours is one of over 200,000 machines already infected, there’s a […] Read more

  • How to Handle a Breach Notice the Right Way

    Panic is not the right way to respond to a data breach as it achieves nothing. Instead, you need a game plan when you read about something like the recent Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. and Pizza Locale restaurant breaches. What you do first matters the most. Dig for Details Step 1 is to nail down […] Read more

  • Travelers Beware: Your Data is at Risk

    “Attention. Attention. Your flight has been delayed for three hours.” The first thing most travelers do, when faced with such an announcement, is reach for their smartphone, then grab the charging cord. Wait! That available electronics outlet could be compromised and plugging in could start data flowing into or out of your phone without your […] Read more

  • Why You Need to Protect Your Data When Traveling

    “You can check out any time you like, but you(r credit card) can never leave.” You won’t be alone if you hear that haunting Eagles tune, Hotel California, while you’re on the road this summer. Hotels and travelers alike are under siege across the globe as hackers continue compromising hotel point of sale (PoS) payment […] Read more

  • Who Is Watching You and Do You Care?

    Hungry for a slice of pizza? Think twice about frowning as you linger in line. A recent breakdown of a facial recognition system at an Oslo, Norway eatery gives a rare glimpse into ways businesses are using biometric technology to analyze customers. What they’re tracking may surprise you. Peppe’s Pizza in Oslo was using a […] Read more

  • WannaCry Ransomware Can Be Stopped, But Don’t Delay

    The globe is roiling with reports of WannaCry malware locking down PCs and demanding money for access return. Cases of this fast-moving attack have now been documented in over 100 countries. Here’s what we know so far: Over 20 different hospitals in the U.K. were hit by the ransomware late last week, shutting down access […] Read more

  • Define Privacy to Secure It

    The concept of privacy has different meanings. For a teen, it can mean, “Get out of my room.” For an adult, it can mean, “I need to see your Facebook to know you’re safe.” For each individual, privacy can be an elusive, changeable concept but there are two things to agree on: privacy is important, […] Read more