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  • Are You Too Old (or Young) for Identity Theft? Probably Not but the Workforce Faces Greatest Threat

    We all make assumptions about identity theft. The most common one is that “It will never happen to me.” As a Watchblog reader, you know that’s a fallacy. It’s also dangerous to assume that the elderly are the number one targets for hackers. In truth, we are all at risk. However, it seems age does […] Read more

  • Beyonce’s Twins Won’t Have to Worry About Massive Student Debt or Loan Scams, but Most New Grads Do

    The party’s over. That cap and gown have been packed away. Beyonce and Jay-Z’s kids won’t need student loans but you did. Now is the time to get out your calculator because the bills will start soon. The average recent grad has over $37,000 in student loans to repay. If you’re a member of that […] Read more

  • Parking Lot Secrets: Exchanging Personal Data Could Trigger Theft of Your Private Data

    A lot goes on in parking lots. Too much, in fact. One of the most irritating scams is the fake parking lot accident. Here’s how it works. You return to your car to see a note on it claiming you hit another car when you parked. The other driver wants your insurance and driver’s license […] Read more

  • Think Twice Before Wiring That Money—An Impostor May Be on the Other Side

    Impostor scam complaints filed with the federal government soared as more and more crooks seek to separate Americans from their dollars with a simple phone call. That’s one of the findings of the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) annual Consumer Sentinel Network data book released earlier this year. The report’s authors warned, “The rise in impostor […] Read more

  • Frontier Airline’s Grizwald the Bear Can’t Comfort Employees After Data Loss

    Grizwald the Bear has his work cut out for him if he wants to boost morale at company headquarters. Frontier Airlines recently notified all headquarters employees of a serious data breach created by one of their co-workers. It’s a far-too-typical story in the workplace these days: a worker views or steals personal information then shares […] Read more

  • Hacked in Just 9 Minutes: The Story of Data Dump Misuse

    When the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) staff set out to measure how rapidly data can be misused, they didn’t expect it to happen so fast. An experiment conducted by FTC’s Office of Technology Research and Investigation (OTECH) turned up some very busy hackers who wasted no time trying to gain financially from the data set […] Read more

  • Risky to Bank on the Go

    Mobile malware is growing in prevalence. According to a new 2017 Mobile Banking Malware report from Javelin Research, roughly 7.7 million mobile banking users have downloaded phone apps from unofficial or third party app stores. Why is this a problem? Unofficial apps often contain malicious advertising or code. This malware could give cyber criminals access […] Read more

  • New Grads: Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to Data Risks with Job Search

    The road to a successful career after college is littered with land mines that can snag an unsuspecting graduate. Job applications, payroll firm data leaks, phishing emails, and other unsuspected data sources can spread your personally identifiable information (PII) well beyond your ability to control it. Applications Ask It All When was the last time […] Read more

  • Don’t Laugh at Social Security’s New Plan to Guard Personal Data

    Two-factor authentication or two-step authentication is slowly gaining traction in many online systems. Nowhere is such a boost more needed than with the Social Security Administration (SSA) which guards your Social Security number (SSN) and your wage data. Second Time’s the Charm? It’s not the first time that SSA has attempted to add layers of […] Read more

  • Celebrities Risk Losing Face After Plastic Surgery Clinic Photo, Data Theft

    We’ve stressed the risk of medical records data breaches before, but a new breach could be the most memorable and damaging in recent history. Dr. Zain Kadri’s private plastic surgery clinic on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills experienced a data breach that included the loss of 15,000 customer records along with “before and after” photos. […] Read more

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