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  • Will 2015 Set The Record For Breach Victims?

    When the Target data breach hit during the holiday shopping rush in December, 2013, security experts and other observers declared 2013 the worst year for breaches ever. Neiman Marcus, eBay, and Michaels Stores were hit the following year. Again, the predictors of doom called 2014 the worst year ever. However, 2015 has already toppled past […] Read more

  • IRS Data Breach Triples

    Any data breach is bad news but the one announced this past May at the IRS was considered especially bad because hackers accessed huge amounts of data for an estimated 114,000 individuals. Now the news has worsened as the victim pool has increased alarmingly. Late Monday, the tax agency indicated the victim list had tripled to […] Read more

  • Is Your Identity Ready For Travel Season?

    The warm weather has rolled in and you’re probably dreaming of sinking your toes into some warm sand. Don’t forget to pack that identity protection plan. Every casino you visit, every restaurant, even the newsstand at your local airport is a possible place for data theft or data breach. In the past year, The Hard […] Read more

  • How Much Are Your Digital Files Worth?

    Experts predict cases of ransomware are about to surge due to a new do-it-yourself malware created by hackers. You may have surfed the web and seen a warning screen claiming a virus has been detected and you need to pay a fee to get your data cleaned up. You may have also received an email about a package you […] Read more

  • The Top Target For Hackers – Your Medical Files

    Medical data was the most popular target for hackers last year and those numbers will surge to new highs in 2015  While 2014 drew attention as the year of the credit card breach –Home Depot, P. F. Chang’s, Neiman Marcus and Sally Beauty were just a few – some hackers are passing over retailers and […] Read more

  • IRS Transcript Service Hack

    TAXPAYER BEWARE! The recent news of a hack at the IRS sent shivers down taxpayers’ spines for good reason. While the first risk was tax return-based identity theft, there are other hazards on the way including phishing attacks and other scams. The breach hit the IRS Get Transcript service. Hackers attempted to open an estimated […] Read more

  • How Identity Theft Can Jeopardize Your Job

    In early June, US government officials confirmed1 a massive data breach at the Office of Personnel and Management (OPM). Initially, estimates stated roughly 4 million workers had their information stolen in a data breach reportedly linked to Chinese hackers. OPM then announced that another 21.5 million security clearance files were part of the hack.  That […] Read more

  • Is Your Student A Target for Identity Theft?

    College students and younger children remain some of the top targets for identity thieves. It’s school time again — the season for registration forms and loan applications. If your child’s a recent grad, they may soon be off to college or moving across country to start a new job. In any scenario, it’s a cold, […] Read more

  • Tragic News Often Triggers Scams

    An earthquake in Nepal. Bombings at the Boston Marathon. A hurricane in the Gulf. Disasters around the globe often trigger an outpouring of sympathy and donations from generous Americans. They also trigger opportunities for some of the worst folks on the planet who hope to capitalize on human curiosity. Scammers crawl out of the woodwork […] Read more

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