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  • Top 5 Moves To Thwart Identity Theft During Tax Season

    It’s that time of year again – time to gather up receipts and payroll information to prepare your federal income tax forms. Recent data compromises make it a perilous time for many filers who saw their Social Security numbers (SSN) stolen in one of 2015’s biggest breaches. SSN theft could lead directly to income tax-related […] Read more

  • Protect Your Identity & Your Income Tax Refund

    In a hacker’s world, January 19, 2016 is a red letter date. It’s the first day that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will allow individuals to e-file their 2015 tax returns and if your personally identifiable information (PII) was compromised last year – the OPM, Anthem, and the Experian/T-Mobile breaches are just a few that […] Read more

  • Another Children’s Website Hacked

    Sanrio Town, the online community for 3.3 million Hello Kitty fans, has acknowledged a data breach that exposed numerous children’s files of personal data. The cause of the data leak has been corrected and an investigation is underway to determine what data has been stolen. Hello Kitty is a popular cartoon character found in games […] Read more

  • Massive Voter Database Discovered Online

    Chris Vickery is an IT help desk employee by day and a breach hunter in his leisure time. He has uncovered a number of data breaches including recent ones at Hello Kitty, a kids’ website, and MacKeeper, a computer utility firm. The Austin, TX resident’s latest big find is a massive data trove that could […] Read more

  • Mistakes On Social Media Bring Major Consequences

    Social media connects most of us to the world, but it can create major headaches when misused.   There are small goofs and then there are major blunders – the sort that change lives forever. Social media has seen them all. The risks are significant and the solutions are not simple. What happens in Vegas […] Read more

  • The 10-Minute New Year’s Data Security Makeover

    Simple steps can reduce your odds of identity theft. Follow this 10-minute security update plan to launch new security habits for 2016.   We’ve reached the last page of the calendar – a time when we naturally reflect on the months past. 2015 was clearly not stellar in terms of data security and information privacy. […] Read more

  • FTC Wins Case to Boost Consumer Data Safeguards

    A groundbreaking federal settlement on data security standards is likely to improve payment card data protection for all payment card customers. Three data breaches at Wyndham Hotels and Resorts between 2008 and 2010 may seem like ancient history when it comes to data breach news, but an agreement reached between the company and the Federal […] Read more

  • Masked Credit Cards Help Secure Holiday Shopping

    As you shop the World Wide Web this holiday season, consider masked credit cards for purchases. They will lower the risk of financial data theft. Every season is a good season to guard your personal credit data because every time you use a bank card, there is some risk. However, the holidays are a prime […] Read more

  • Victims in VTech Data Breach Top 6 Million Children

    Parents are understandably alarmed about the hack at VTech children’s toys, which was unveiled on Black Friday.   Evidently the VTech data breach reported just after Thanksgiving is far worse than believed just one week ago. While original estimates stated more than 225,000 children’s files were compromised, the Hong Kong-based children’s toy maker now believes […] Read more

  • Give Thanks, Gratuities without Exposing Personal Data

    As you give monetary gifts to your friends and family this holiday, choose gift cards instead of personal checks to keep your valuable banking info secure. ‘Tis the season for gift-giving and gratuities. Make it the season for caution, too. When giving monetary gifts, there are many reasons why you should choose an alternative to […] Read more

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