Early Warning System for Identity Theft

We are all one-of-a-kind and should stay that way. That’s why ID Watchdog and AVAST Software are joining forces to help better protect your identity and personal data, online and off.

The recent string of high profile data breaches at places like Sony and Citibank may leave you wondering what steps, if any, you can take to become a smarter consumer and maintain the integrity of your identity.

Watching your credit is the first, and easiest, way to understand what is happening. Unfortunately, credit monitoring services are often expensive, intimidating, time consuming to sort through, and hard to understand if you’re not a financial expert — until now.

ID Watchdog’s technology was added to the new beta version of AVAST’s Anti-Virus software to provide consumers with free tools and services that cast a broad net, alert them to signs of personal information misuse via their credit report and allow them to take immediate action to address any issues.

The new product called CreditAlert and has two flavors:

  • AVAST CreditAlert Free – This option introduces the anti-virus industry’s first-ever integrated free credit report monitoring and alert service. This innovative feature alerts users when changes are detected in their credit file, and provides guidance to help them determine whether the change is an early indication that their personal information has been compromised. The feature is free, with no strings attached, and is easy to activate. Best of all, activation will not impact your credit score in any way.
  • AVAST CreditAlert Premium – This low-cost subscription provides comprehensive protection that not only includes credit monitoring and alert services from all three credit bureaus, but also broad-based identity record monitoring, internet surveillance, and full-service identity restoration services. If your personal data is compromised in any way,, trained specialists step in our your behalf to investigate, stop and resolve unauthorized activity at no additional cost to you

You may already know and use AVAST to protect your PC from viruses. Now, with the addition of ID Watchdog’s credit monitoring and resolution services, AVAST is providing a one-stop option that provides additional ways to protect private data beyond just the PC. Offered as a beta first, CreditAlert will be offered on a larger scale in the coming months.

June 24th, 2011 by ID Watchdog Security Team