March 31st Could Improve the Rest of Your Year

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An estimated 25-30 percent of users have NEVER backed up their data even though it’s continuously at risk:

  • Smartphones are lost or stolen at a rate of 113 per minute.
  • 29 percent of data disasters are accidental.
  • 10 percent of computers are infected with viruses every month.

With stats this scary, World Backup Day (WBD) on March 31st serves as an important reminder to back up all of your digital assets. Creating one backup is a start, but ideally, you should have at least two. For computers, this usually means a local, in-house backup and a second one offsite.

A small hard drive or a USB drive can hold a local backup. Cloud backup services like Carbonite and Backblaze provide automated backups so you don’t even have to remember to do it. And it’s not necessary to back up everything—just the files you can’t afford to lose. Some options, like Apple’s Time Capsule or Western Digital’s RAID devices, create a complete image of your hard drive making it a breeze to restore.

At ID Watchdog, we’re all about protecting your information, so check out our recommendations for mastering this process. Don’t delay. It can be expensive to recover damaged or stolen data and sometimes it’s impossible. Celebrate World Backup Day this year and every year, and save yourself from the stress of data loss.

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