Yahoo Support Scams Multiply

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Do you long for the good old days when you could chat with a support person on the phone to resolve problems? Well, scammers hope so because they’re busy publishing bogus tech support numbers that offer assistance with last year’s biggest tech headache—Yahoo.

Every one of these numbers is fake. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) today issued a warning, echoing what Yahoo has published about their legitimate assistance services. Yahoo customers were rocked by two massive data breaches in late 2016, and many, understandably, have questions.

“If you can’t sign in to your Yahoo account, forgot your Yahoo Mail password, or have a question about a Yahoo product or service, Yahoo Help Central is your starting point for getting help from Yahoo,” the company warned.

Phone support is simply not available.

“Yahoo customer support may come via email, chat, social media, help articles, or our Yahoo Help Community forums, depending on the question or issue you have and the Terms for your region,” the company said.

Evidently, the FTC has received enough scam complaints in the wake of Yahoo breaches to issue a word of warning to reinforce the facts.

“Support from Yahoo is always free. Also, Yahoo Customer Support will never ask you for a credit card or your password,” the beleaguered tech firm stressed.

Tech support scams are a major scourge in the U.S.; the FTC estimates that tens of millions of dollars are collected fraudulently from overly trusting consumers each year.

Google “Yahoo Tech Support Number” to read the scam pitches that have proliferated in recent weeks. Some still use poor grammar and are easily spotted, but others are quite polished and convincing. Don’t take the bait and pay for services that Yahoo provides members for free—even that means using email or online chat instead of that old familiar telephone.

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