Men or Women: Who’s More Concerned about Data Breaches?

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blog-dimensionsA survey of 1,200 men and women in the U.S. has unveiled some differences in how gender influences your response to a data breach. A Brand Perception Survey recently conducted by Alertsec, a cloud-based encryption firm, determined that men are far more likely to sever ties with the hacked merchant.

Overall, the survey’s numbers are unsettling for companies like Yahoo, which last week confirmed the largest known data breach in history with over 500 million records compromised. In Alertsec’s study, 17% of men and 11% women said their trust would be permanently lost after such a breach.

Ebba Blitz, CEO of Alertsec, told online news outlet, CSO, “This is no surprise to me. People’s personal information is, in many ways, the key to their financial and psychological well-being. When a company has allowed their customers’ data to fall into the hands of criminals, the resulting lack of trust is difficult to repair.”

Men were over two times more likely to switch to a competitor after a breach. Sixteen percent of males said they’d abandon the brand after a breach compared to just 6 percent of women surveyed.

Roughly 35% of those surveyed indicated that they worry about their information and its potential misuse—even if they had no ties to the hacked firm—each time a breach like Yahoo’s hits the news. Only 3% of those surveyed indicated they are unfazed by data breaches.

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