Identity Theft

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  • Heading Home for The Holidays? Watch Out for Holiday Hackers.

    Lots of people travel during the holidays. Your trip could be around the world or just across town. In either case, you don’t want the headaches of lost personal data to hound you on your journey. Rental cars, airport documents, and even browsing your phone at the departure gate can present data risks you don’t […] Read more

  • FBI, IRS, USPS, Secret Service Work Together to Stop Identity Thieves

    October’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month often focuses on how you can boost your data security. Taking steps yourself is smart, but did you know that numerous government and local law enforcement agencies are also working hard to stop identity fraud? The Secret Service plays a major role in tracking down cyber thieves both at home […] Read more

  • Better Protect Your Identity with These 5 Quick Steps

    This October marks National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), and we think it’s the ideal time for an identity checkup—yours! Take These Five Simple Steps Think about it. Is your identity security worth a few minutes of your time? Absolutely! Here are five quick actions that can help lock down some key elements of your identity. […] Read more

  • Teen Sucked Dry 800 Unemployment Benefit Accounts. His Reward? Years in Jail

    His honest work history would have been too brief to earn unemployment compensation, but law enforcement officials say that didn’t stop 19-year-old Miami resident Phyllistone Termine from filing over 800 claims for benefits and raking in $1,019,859. On July 27, Termine was sentenced to 54 months in prison followed by years of supervised release. Court […] Read more

  • Game of Thrones, Other Files Leaked in New HBO Hack. Even the Company Can’t Tell How Big It Was.

    It’s been a rough week at HBO. On Monday, the company alerted employees to a major data loss. By Friday morning, an unaired episode apparently stolen from Mumbai-based distributor Star India was posted online. The question of how deep the two breaches go is one that has everyone scratching their heads—including HBO executives. A copyright […] Read more

  • A Sex Offender Could Be Living Next Door Under a False Identity. Would You Know if You’re at Risk?

    Some convicted sex offenders, when faced with the need to register for the next 20 years, change their identity instead. It’s estimated that over 15% of sex offenders steal information for a new identity rather than filing with authorities. That’s because lawful registration can make it difficult to rent a home or find a job. […] Read more

  • The FBI Worries About Your Kid’s Toys. Are the Risks Overblown?

    Strange, but true. U.S. parents can now take some advice from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) along with them when they shop for new kids’ toys. The agency, which handles many cyber security issues nationwide, just issued a warning about interconnected toys that parents should read and heed. The Risks of Smart Toys “Toys […] Read more

  • Think You’re Smarter than a Girl Scout When It Comes to Cyber Risk? Cookies Aren’t the Only Thing Girl Scouts Do Well!

    They’re best known for their Thin Mints, but the Girl Scouts of America want members to learn all about the risks of today’s digital society, too. To achieve that goal, the Scouts will add 18 new IT merit badges to their repertoire. The new program rolls out next year in partnership with California’s Palo Alto […] Read more

  • Child Predator in Your Neighborhood? Or Is the Real Risk Computer Malware?

    Ominous photos and a frightening headline are the markers of an old email phishing scam resurfacing in inboxes nationwide this year. It warns of possible sex offenders in your neighborhood and features photos designed to alarm parents and trigger their desire to protect their children. Scammers hope you will click a link before you think. […] Read more

  • Slip of a Finger Could Trigger Major Financial Data Loss in Less Than 3 Minutes

    It was just a careless mistake. That new Sears MasterCard I received in the mail required activation from my home phone number, so I squinted at the very small numbers on the sticker and dialed. I was a bit surprised (but only a bit) when a recording stated, “We would like your opinion in a […] Read more

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