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  • Gamers Beware! You’re a Top Hacking Target

    There’s no safe harbor for gamers these days. Hackers are hitting hard and often hoping to scoop up user credentials that could yield benefits elsewhere. The latest victims are fans of Minecraft, and there are a bunch of them. Over seven million users are now facing a password reset if they used the Pocket Edition […] Read more

  • Digital Privacy Laws Getting a Much-Needed Overhaul

    The last time Congress voted to protect electronic communications, President Ronald Reagan was in the White House and email was in its infancy. The Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) has been in desperate need of an update for over a decade and at last, the House of Representatives has voted to make it happen. This […] Read more

  • Amazon On Hook To Refund Improper Kid Charges

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) today claimed victory in a court battle with over unauthorized purchases. Kids who viewed or downloaded apps from Amazon for Android mobile devices or Kindle Fire tablets unwittingly made the charges. The judge’s decision granting the FTC a requested summary judgment could release a wave of refunds for frustrated […] Read more

  • Get Busy. Today is “Secure Your ID Day”

    Every day in every city in America, people throw away bits and pieces of their unique identities. A utility bill, a pre-approved credit card offer, a health insurance claim – these valuable pieces of information are exactly what hackers and would-be identity thieves are out to collect. With enough data, they’re in business. That’s why […] Read more

  • Symantec Reports Data Threats on the Rise

    A new report released this week by security giant Symantec indicates that cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated in their search for illegal gains. The company’s Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR), Volume 21, states that criminals are getting more professional in order to increase efficiency so consumers have to step up their game, too. “Advanced criminal attack […] Read more

  • Stop Paying Unnecessary ‘Grey’ Charges

    You may be unfamiliar with the term but ignorance could cost you – plenty. “Grey charges” are routinely recurring charges that hit your credit card – often without much notice or even your approval. It’s estimated that Americans pay over $14 Billion in these charges every year. They’re called ‘grey’ because they easily fade from […] Read more

  • Ransomware Locks Down Hospitals

    This is every surgery patient’s nightmare — news that your hospital has been hit by ransomware and vital computer systems have been locked up. Yet, that’s precisely what happened to Methodist Hospital in Kentucky in mid-March. Declaring an “internal state of emergency,” the hospital noted, “We are currently working to resolve this issue; until then […] Read more

  • Don’t Be an April Fool. Back Up Your Data!

    There’s a national pickle day – it’s November 14th – so why not a national ‘Back Up Your Data’ day? Yes, March 31 is World Backup Day 2016 (WBD) — a point in the year’s calendar when all things digital should get copied securely. Think of this date as the moment you stop feeling invincible […] Read more

  • Wave of Phishing Scams Targets TurboTax Users

    It appears scammers are upping their creative crimes this tax season. That means attempts to exploit legitimate taxpayers don’t end even after the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) accepts their tax returns. One of the biggest targets this tax season is the TurboTax user base, which is being bombarded by fake emails trying to pry loose […] Read more

  • Opt Out of Communications to Cut Credit Risk

    The offers just keep piling up in your mailbox. Refinance your mortgage. Apply for our credit card. Reduce your interest rate. Sometimes the letters indicate you’re pre-approved. They offer to grant credit if you meet certain conditions, which the lender already believes you will meet. You have just been pre-screened by one of the big […] Read more