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True Identity Theft Protection

  • Naval Officer Fought Off Identity Thieves To Save His Job And Security Clearance

    ‘Run silent. Run deep.’ That’s the preferred method operation when you’re on a submarine ‘somewhere in the Pacific’ on a boat that ‘may or may not carry ballistic missiles’. But even underwater, news of identity theft travels fast. Deep in the Pacific is where Stephen Hershman was in 2003 when he learned he’d lost his identity. […] Read more

  • Around The World in 80 Seconds?

    Ever wondered where your data goes after it’s stolen? Here’s the startling information one company uncovered. Imagine how rapidly you can connect to a website in India from the comfort of your own home. Have you ever wondered how fast your hacked data can travel? The answer is “Faster than you think.” Data moves in […] Read more

  • Is Your Identity Ready For Travel Season?

    The warm weather has rolled in and you’re probably dreaming of sinking your toes into some warm sand. Don’t forget to pack that identity protection plan. Every casino you visit, every restaurant, even the newsstand at your local airport is a possible place for data theft or data breach. In the past year, The Hard […] Read more

  • How Identity Theft Can Steal Your Job

    In early June, US government officials confirmed1 a massive data breach at the Office of Personnel and Management (OPM). At first, estimates indicated that roughly 4 million current and former federal workers had their information stolen in a data breach reportedly linked to Chinese hackers. Then the numbers mushroomed as a second breach was uncovered; […] Read more